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Central Jersey Grease Traps

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A grease trap may be one of the most unheralded but integral parts of your business. If you rely on a commercial kitchen or any other type of business that utilizes grease and oils (particularly at high temperatures), then you need a way to quickly and safely dispose of them. Because grease and oils are such a huge fire risk, storage often isn’t a viable option, and handling oil can cause painful burn injuries if not done carefully. The solution is a dependable grease trap system that can carefully separate grease waste from water and protect the public sewer system or your on-property septic tank.

Doctor Rooter Plumbing offers Monmouth County grease trap services, including repairs, inspections, new installations, maintenance, and more. We know how much you depend on this vital part of your drain network, and we do everything we can to make sure it’s safe and working properly. We know any holdup in your business can be a serious concern, and we make it our mission to eliminate or minimize any of these issues for greater peace of mind.

Trust Doctor Rooter Plumbing to handle your grease trap service needs! Call (732) 391-4340 for fast, reliable, and customer-focused service.

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How Do Grease Traps Work?

Most people know that water and oil don’t mix, and grease traps use this principle to their advantage. Because most oils are actually far lighter than water, they tend to float on top of water. In a grease trap, oils and grease float to the top of water at the top of a storage tank. Once the tank fills, extra grease and oils that come in immediately float to the top and start displacing water in the tank through an exit at the bottom. This allows grease and oil to be safely stored until it can be safely removed and the trap properly cleaned.

Grease traps are crucial for all of the following:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Arenas
  • Museums
  • Office buildings

We recommend having your grease trap inspected once every two years to ensure it is in good condition and functioning properly. However, shared traps that serve multiple businesses should be inspected more often than that to ensure there are no issues. Doctor Rooter Plumbing offers regular inspections and fast repairs for any issues that come up.

Protect your drains and the sewage system with a grease trap cared for by Doctor Rooter Plumbing! Contact us for an appointment today.

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